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Select Investment Managers are a team of experienced financial advisers who provide face to face financial planning for both individual and corporate clients throughout Scotland. Our advisers specialise in providing advice on pensions, savings & investments, estate planning and protection and are backed by an efficient and friendly team of support staff.

We are conscious that even for the experienced investor financial planning can prove daunting and complex. Our aim is to offer advice that is always personally tailored to reflect the individual needs and objectives of our clients and to provide a confidential professional advisory service of the highest standard.

Our aim is to also build long term relationships with our clients and meet their ever changing financial needs throughout their life stages. We understand that financial needs change and therefore we will always communicate to our clients in a way that is clear, fair and not misleading. We believe it is essential to have an agreed contact strategy to allow our clients to discuss any changes in circumstances or future aspirations on a regular basis. Maintaining a close working relationship through face to face meetings ensures that we deliver a professional personal service.

We have a wealth of resources on our website ranging from calculators to technical articles on topics such as pensions and investments to help you better understand your finances, but nothing can replace face to face advice.

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About Select Investment Managers

As a leading firm of financial advisers, Select Investment Managers has developed an admired and respected reputation for providing practical advice to clients of all backgrounds and circumstances.

We are based in Central Scotland, with offices in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Livingston and Falkirk. We look after more than a thousand individual and corporate clients, many of whom have worked with our advisers for decades. Indeed, practice principal Derek Crooks was formerly a director of Rutland Investment Managers for over 25 years. In common with many of his colleagues at Select Investment Managers, Derek has invaluable experience in helping people from all walks of life to surpass their financial aspirations.

Our knowledgeable financial advisers are backed by a skilled and highly-trained team of support staff, sharing the collective aim of ensuring each client attains their current and future financial goals. We achieve this by investing time with every client, producing bespoke financial plans that meet personal needs. We don’t believe in baffling industry jargon or relying on potentially outdated information – instead, we will deliver timely and relevant advice tailored around each individual’s unique circumstances and preferences.

Select Investment Managers are also part of the Openwork network. Working as appointed Openwork representatives allows Select Investment Managers to offer premium quality service, in tandem with the support of one of the UK’s largest financial advice networks.
Financial planning across Edinburgh, Glasgow and Central Scotland

Financial planning is a hugely important part of life, particularly for people with investments or assets. From minimising inheritance tax to effective management of pension plans, key decisions will have to be made throughout your lifetime to ensure tax efficient investment planning.

These are some of the areas where financial planning can be particularly beneficial:

  • Savings. With many savings accounts paying negligible interest, your money can effectively be depreciating as prices rise. There is often a balance to be struck between high-yield (but limited-access) savings accounts, and instant-access vehicles like ISAs. Expert advice can help to find an optimal balance.
  • Income. From salary and dividends to inheritances and trusts, income can take many forms. Each brings its own tax implications, and it’s easy to overlook the significance of issues like savings interest or taxable benefits like company cars. Your income can be retrospectively taxed years later, so it’s important to get this right at the time.
  • Family security. This involves more than merely having life insurance. Will your next of kin incur tax liabilities on their inheritances? Do you have relevant and appropriate policies in place? Are there any particularly tax-efficient ways to dispose of your estate? Select Investment Managers can answer these questions, and many others.
  • Investments. These are financial commitments that often require expert management to aim to maximise the potential returns they can bring. When Select Investment Managers provide financial advice regarding investments, it often involves the previous three bullet points.
  • Retirement planning. We all dream of a comfortable retirement, but the state pension is only modest and the age at which people can claim it is gradually rising. Pensions and other investment vehicles (such as buy-to-let properties) are popular options when saving for retirement, but there are many other choices that may be worth considering.

The value of investments and any income from them can fall as well as rise and you may not get back the original amount you invested.

HM Revenue and Customs practice and the law relating to taxation are complex and subject to individual circumstances and changes which cannot be foreseen.

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